A Mother’s Tears

Mother's Day

When I started writing this, I began with the thought of a mother’s love, which brought me to the thought of a mother’s tears. There is nothing more precious than the tears a mother gives for her child. The tears of pain, love, hurt and joy. Beautiful tears given in celebration and sad tears in disappointment.

Watch a mother when her child graduates, gets married, or finds happiness and the beautiful tears you see on her loving face.  We see those tears of caring when their child deals with pain and hurt. The tears that tell us just how much they care about what their child is experiencing in this life. Beautiful tears that express so much to us.

Mothers never lack in their tears of love. They shed them freely for their child and they express so much love that it lets us know the heart that lies within for their child. Those tears for every occasion speaks volumes about the love God placed in their heart. On this Mother’s Day, I want to thank all the mothers for keeping the faith in their children, just as God keeps his faith in us. Your love is a precious gift.  Thank you so very much.

with kindness,


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