From Our Window…

In filling out his ‘Student of the Week’ Chart, our grandson stated that his favorite things about school were gym, lunch and recess.  It made us smile.  We told him that after we work at home and church, we like to take time off for those things!  We call our biking, racquetball, walking, pilates = gym.  We think our times of ‘eating out’ – when we are ‘off duty’ from cooking = lunch.  And ‘recess’ is playing games at the table before bedtime or having an ‘outing’ for fun.

It is somehow the balance between work and play that is necessary.  God says that he will ‘keep the godly from all extremes’..which would be all work, or all play.

One definition of recreation is “refreshment of strength and spirits after work”.

Paul worked hard developing the early church.  In I Corinthians (16:17 b & 18a Amplified) he said that Stephanas, Fortunatus and Achaicus came to him and ‘gave me respite from labor and rested me and refreshed my spirit…”  Everyone needs a break from the rigors of work and schedule.

Rowan’s brain and pencil need to stop so that he can be renewed by lunch, gym and recess.  Take a break this spring and hop in the car or on your bike.  Remember the Lord created the Sabbath and made it holy for a good rest from the work routine.  God must love recess!

Ron and Phyllis Dickinson


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