Vacation Bible School = Kids


In the church, Christmas brings candlelight; Easter brings joyous hymns; Pentecost brings the Holy Spirit, and Vacation Bible School brings KIDS! (lots of them!)  Over the past few years, I’ve come to learn that the week of VBS is the busiest, stickiest, noisiest, most tiring…yet giggliest, happiest, most sincere, most rewarding, most fulfilling week of the year.

From June 8-12, children from O’Fallon and the surrounding communities will enter the doors of OFFUMC ready for songs, games, crafts and summer days filled with fun.  As Christians, what an amazing opportunity you and I have!  Some of these children do not attend church on a regular basis; some may not know the awesome power and great compassion of God.  You and I have a chance to show children who Jesus really is.  It won’t be though the skits (even though they’re hilarious), or through the games (which are engaging), or even through lessons (which are thought provoking), that kids will encounter the Lord.  Rather, children at VBS will experience Jesus through the kindness, gentleness and patience of the volunteers they meet within the church’s walls.  Through this love, kids will be introduced to the love of Christ.

Please join me in prayer for this year’s Everest VBS…that each child in attendance feels safe, welcome, and valued, that each child has a week where he/she is treated as God’s perfect creation, and that VBS volunteers will be exponentially blessed for their hard work and commitment.

Please also pray for how God may be calling you to be involved.  Could you share a smile to families entering the church?  Could you hold a child’s hand while he/she prays?  Could you help hang snowflakes to set the scene?  Whatever your interest, I would love you to be part of the VBS team, not just because lots of kids require lots of hands, eyes, and hearts, but also because I know you will be rewarded by the experience.



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