My husband came home with two very large umbrellas.  I marveled at their size.  But then I have been marveling at size and frequency of the thunderstorms and rain showers we have had lately.

Luscious greenness.  Everywhere I look I see a wealth of green color.  The trees, the grass, the plants…all so healthy and alive looking!  Not one brown, parched place.  God has been sending the ‘spring rains’.  He has been pouring down showers upon His earth.  Nearly every day this week there is a possibility of rain.  Think of it.  God waters the earth!  I have my hoses and watering cans for when the rain slacks, but God can water everything everywhere He chooses.  We do not cause it to happen or make it cease.  God brings forth the abundance for plants and animals alike.  I am thanking Him for every drop.  The earth really cries out for water…without it, life ceases to exist.

There are days when I, like the Psalmist, cry out to God for some of His Rain to fall on me.  “As the deer pants for water, so I long  for You, O God.  I thirst for God, the Living God.  Where can I find Him to come and stand before Him?”  (Psalms 42:1)  I know my spiritual life depends on the Living Water that only God can provide.  Without it, my spiritual life ceases to exist.

Shannon Wexelberg says in words the language of our hearts:

“Lord, I seek You.  Help me find You.  How I need Your touch.  Find my dry and broken places thirsty for Your love.  Lord, forgive me if I’ve wandered far away from You.  You are all I’ve ever needed.  Come and make me new.

Pour Your Spirit out on me.  Fall just like the rain.  Saturate my thirsty soul.  Come and fall afresh on me.  Fill my cup again.  Heal my heart and make me whole.  I need You now.  Pour Your Spirit out.”  (“Pour Your Spirit Out”)

Today I am sensing that if God chooses to hear my cry for more of Him, no umbrella is going up to block that blessing!


Phyllis Dickinson

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