“Kickin’ Dirt and Pickin’ Dandelions”


Quick bursts of activity followed by longer periods of intense readiness.”  That is one definition of baseball that I found online.  I live in the Metro East Area of St. Louis.  Anyone living here cannot help but notice the huge fan base for the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Team.  We have attended a couple handfuls of games in the past nine years and the “Red Sea” of color is widespread at the games.  The loyalty and enthusiasm of the area is  contagious.  “Fred Bird” is a big hit of a mascot with the metropolis’ children.  The Cardinal Nation is a newly constructed large multi-restaurant facility where fans can partake of eating, viewing sports and/or enjoying outdoor activity all with a focus on the “Cards”.

Now imagine if you will a pro ball team where the players were waving at their parents and friends instead of concentrating on the game.  Where they were kickin’ dirt and pickin’ dandelions standin’ around.  Or where a T-ball with plastic bat and ball were the main pieces of equipment.  Or imagine the players running willy-nilly around the field without speed or direction.  It is unimaginable because it would not work.  Not at all.

As it is the Cardinals Team is rated Number One in the Central Division of major league teams here in America.  The players get to be on the team because of abilities.  They need to have strong and accurate throwing arms.  They need consistency in foot speed for running bases.  They need fielding skills.  They need to “know the game situation at all times.”  They do not accept ‘baby’ players on the team.  One needs to be a mature player if one wants to succeed at the game.  And in order to become a mature player, one has to practice the skills.  And it is not about just one player, it is a team sport.  If you can grow up into the pro game, go for it.  Otherwise, don’t bother getting off the bench.

“But GROW in grace and recognition and knowledge and understanding of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  To Him be glory, honor, majesty, and splendor both now and to the day of eternity.  Amen.”

Are you a mature player in Christ’s Kingdom Team?


Phyllis Dickinson

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