A Slice of Pie…

humble pie

…Can be a sweet and delicious summer treat – especially if seasonal fruit is in it!  I found a pastry in the Eckert’s Orchard bakery shop a couple of days ago.  It was a round pie-crust-like base with fruit on top.  It was labeled “Humble Pie”.  Of the three choices, cherry, apple or peach, I chose peach.

I bought this earlier in the day.  Later when riding with Ron in the car, I asked, “Would you like to eat some humble pie?”  He was a little startled by my question thinking he might have done something that needed apologizing for.

We then had a conversation about ‘humble pie’.  Why is it so difficult to eat ‘humble pie’ when it includes an apology?  Perhaps if we walk in humility as God asks us to, we would not have to ‘be forced to apologize – suffering humiliation’.

As we continued talking about humble pie, we both agreed that if we needed to eat it – the apology-kind- life actually became sweeter for it…like having eaten the Humble Pie from Eckert’s.

Humble yourselves (feeling very insignificant) in the Presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you (He will lift you up and make your life significant).”  James 4:10

The Word of God, Our Guidebook, says a LOT about humility.  It is the “foremost test of a truly great person or leader”.  On the other side of things, the Bible says “pride will destroy a person”.

Maybe a slice of “Humble Pie” is on the summer menu for you?  Don’t worry- after a few swallows, it will taste VERY SWEET!

Ron and Phyllis – We thank those who have humbly served God and our country to insure our freedoms


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