Keeping it Country…


Is not something I listen to regularly.  But when I travel alone I pause in my listening of my collection of CDs and some radio stations to turn to a country music spot for a ‘break’.  Every once in awhile, I like hearing a country song that pumps out truth with a cool tune.  I found it.  Luke Bryan sings “Crash My Party”.  I don’t know the song writer/singer.  I just heard this number last week.  Here’s what I like about the song though: somebody thinks somebody else is so important that they would stop and drop everything for that somebody.

Here is the chorus:  If you wanna call me, call me, call me.  You don’t have to worry ’bout it baby.  You can wake me up in the dead of night; wreck my plans baby that’s alright.  This is a drop everything kind of thing.  Swing on by I will pour you a drink.  The door’s unlocked.  I’ll leave on the lights.  Baby, you can crash my party anytime.”

The song makes proclamations that the heart wants to hear.  We are loved.  We are loved so much that we are top priority to someone.  We are important in the eyes of someone else.  Someone would make and change plans just for us… simply because we exist.

The world of entertainment and showbiz is just that.  It is not real.  But it can be compelling.  As one country music lover shared, “there is a song for whatever you’re feeling”.

There is a God Who out of His Unfailing Heart of love for me is total reality.  He has a balm for whatever I’m feeling.  He sings over me with love songs that say things like…

“I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  “Delight yourself in me, and I will give you the desires of your heart.”  “He who guards you, never sleeps nor slumbers.”  “Call to me and I will answer you.”  “Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.”  And six thousand other promises that He is wanting to sing to your possibly country-loving-heart.


Phyllis Dickinson

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