Start Seeing Orange…

An old rustic rural country church.

An old rustic rural country church.

We often look out an eastward window to check the high school’s digital time and temperature.  Whew!  The numbers have been high and the air very sweltering lately.    But then again, it is summertime.  It is rather a lovely thing to view the setting sun when at its lowest point reflecting orange-ish-red.  Thoughts of cooler temperatures emerge at sunset.

Orange.  A safety color for crossing-guards.  By the end of August school has been in session for a couple of weeks.  Our church is also beginning a program called Orange  at the end of August.   Orange – it is merging the yellow light of God through church and the red of the heart through families at home to bring a stronger education and witness to The Light.  Orange – it is a spiritual-safety color.  We do not want to neglect ‘so great a salvation’.  Jesus is the Light and Love of the World and we want to help with the glow of that.

Would you take some time to pray for the families of our congregation?   We worship collectively but live separately.  We do not know what each other faces throughout a week.  But God knows.  If you pray, it avails much.  Thank you for seeing orange.


Ron and Phyllis Dickinson

phyllis and ron orange conference

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