Traveling with kindness

ocean shells2

We recently went on vacation to St. Augustine, Florida. It was a 900 mile drive one way plus the driving we did around the area. I’ve learned over the years that one of the best tools you can have in your traveling arsenal is kindness. It should sit snugly beside patience in your traveling kit.  It should always be easily accessible and quick to pull out at a moment’s notice.

Kindness seems like a simple thing to bring along on a trip, but I have observed that not everyone that travels packs this valuable resource with them. Some even seem to have decided to pack selfishness and self-importance in their travel kit instead of patience and kindness. Over the years this trend of packing the wrong tools for travel seems to be exceedingly more common.  It is really sad to see these novice travelers packing the wrong tools, and thereby making their trip more miserable, as well as those they encounter less pleased to meet them.

You know why kindness is an invaluable resource to travel with? It raises the level of interaction with others, it improves everyone’s happiness, and makes not only yourself but those you interacted with glad you visited. This resource also is not just intended for those that are kind to you but to all those you interact with.  In fact, kindness may be most needed when dealing with those that aren’t being very kind.

Kindness is a trait that we as Christians should always be traveling with from the moment we wake up until the time we lay our heads upon the pillow at night.  Every person we interact with should feel they were treated with kindness, and that very interaction could have an amazing impact on their day.  Kindness shows the spirit of Christ in our words and actions. It encourages people to want to know more and walk away quite possibly with a smile.

Traveling with kindness is one of the best ways we can represent Christ in this world.  There used to be a popular abbreviation of WWJD. Which stood for “What Would Jesus Do?”.   Which I always thought had a simple answer, especially when you consider that he said the greatest commandment was LOVE.  That means in any situation when you wonder how to react or interact just remember the answer is whatever leads to showing love.  In my opinion, kindness is the easiest form of love to present to all.

As I walked along the beach at Anastasia State Park, there was a section of beach with thousands of different kinds of shells. It was a beautiful sight and it made me think about connectivity because those thousands of shells on that beach shared the same beach and even the same ocean. We are much like those shells, all different but sharing the same space, and the best way to share that space is through kindness. That way when the tide comes in, we aren’t afraid to be washed away because we know there is kindness no matter where we may be taken.  Even if some of the shells we encounter may be a little crabby.

With kindness,

Tyrone Castle


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