Power of Prayer


As many of you may know, John and I have taught second grade Sunday school for the past twenty-one years and recently retired this year on Promotion Sunday. Over the years we have learned right along with our students, getting to know the books of the Bible better, and also the amazing power of prayer. One year along the way, we began doing “prayer concerns” before the opening class prayer, and this had become a regular part of our classroom routine.

We would go around the class, allowing each student to mention their praises/concerns (which often led to discussion by others in class), then I would start a prayer followed by, “and Lord we have these concerns for you: Jerry…”As concerns ranged from skinned knees, sick/lost pets, fun birthday parties, travel plans, to sick relatives, I began writing them down, so that Jerry would remember what his concern was. John or I would usually go last. One Sunday, my prayer concern was for our daughter’s friend, Jacob, who had been in a bicycling accident and was in the hospital with serious head injuries.

That same Sunday, we had brought in a clay jug that a family friend had sent us after a trip to the Holy Land, containing water from a well. As we passed it around the room for the students to look at, one student said, “Mrs. Tompros, your prayer has been answered! See, it says right here: ‘Jacob’s Well’!” That same afternoon, we heard from our daughter that Jacob HAD made a remarkable recovery and was going to leave the hospital within the next few days. It took a second grader’s unconditional belief in the power of prayer to strengthen my belief! We sent Jacob that jug the next day.

In God’s Hands,

Nancy Tompros

john and nancy

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