On Sunday, August 23, fifteen teams from OFFUMC gathered to take part in an Amazing Race. Modeled after the popular TV show, some challenges focused on fun, friendly competition.  In pure silliness, groups of friends and family shook off winter clothes, raced through obstacle courses, jousted Youth Minister Brad Lewis, and cannonballed into swimming pools.  While laughs were shared and bonds strengthened through these antics, certain aspects of the day held deeper meaning.

Keeping with the theme of “Thinking Orange,” many activities called teams to use their love of Christ and of one another to spread God’s light to the community.   With this outreach in mind, teams collected canned goods for the food bank, paid it forward by buying drinks and meals, and delivered flowers to passers-by.  Participants of all ages lent helping hands to neighbors by walking dogs and doing yardwork.  Lives were touched as representatives of Christ bought bus fare, donated coins at the laundromat, and pumped gas for those they had never met.   Teams even invited strangers to share in words of prayer.  With each act of kindness, a small card delivered a message wishing that the recipient would “feel God’s love today.”  In total, approximately 250 gestures of love were shared on the streets of O’Fallon.  At the end of the day, teams gathered back at OFFUMC to share stories and a meal, bodies tired and hot, but spirits filled by God’s amazinGRACE.


Stacy Robinson


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