Focal Point

ocean sunrise

I enjoy my camera. I enjoy landscape photography, getting out in nature and enjoying what God has put there for me to enjoy, even the snakes though my wife would disagree with enjoying seeing a snake. Nature is a place I get focus and where I find myself communing with God more than anyplace else.  Though that’s my sanctuary with God and I fully understand why Jesus went to the Garden to talk with the Father.

I like my camera because it allows me to see the world differently. Even just holding the camera will change how I see the world, because I sometimes see the world through its lens even when I’m not actively taking a picture. You focus more on the flowers, a bird, or other beautiful things that grab your attention. My wife and I were walking along a creek at Ferne Clyffe State Park and I noticed how the water rippled and glittered in the sun, the nuances in a large rock, and various other things.

Last Sunday, while listening to a wonderful sermon from Pastor Ron about Orange and basically being like Jesus when we interact with the world, I thought about focus. I thought about how walking with Jesus means your focus changes. It is much like carrying my camera, how you see things changes. When you carry Jesus with you, it should change how you perceive things and interact with others.  When I wake in the morning, I make a choice on how I want to perceive that day.

As I walk out the door in the morning, I remember to try and focus on the good in any situation, and to remember to look back at a bad situation and find the good.  I walk out the door and remind myself to not see labels, but people.  It is what we choose to focus on that helps form our attitude and our interaction with others, that is why faith, hope and love were important parts of His message and why love is the greatest of those.

I found a store a few years ago that sold Life Is Good shirts. They have become my favorite shirts and my wardrobe has slowly increased in them over the years. I like wearing them not only because they are quite comfy, but as a reminder to myself and to others that life really is good. We can too often focus on the bad and miss the good. We can forget to pick up Jesus when we wake up or as we walk out the door and put him around our neck to help us focus.  To have him in our hearts so when we see another person, we see them through our Jesus lens instead of with just our own eyes.

Romans 12 gives us a great idea of what our focus should be when we choose to see the world through the lens of Christ.

With kindness,

Tyrone Castle
ty blog church

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