Staying Found


I was reading an article about ‘staying found’ in wilderness canoe country.  Several experts in this many-paged article have written their perspective for how to stay found using various maps, compasses, techniques and even GPS systems.  Though they all have varying approaches to their advice, they all agree that when you are totally ‘lost’ there is potential danger – for a number of reasons.  And the ultimate danger, of course, is death.

I like this expressed wisdom by one of the authors, Darrel Brauer:  “The best piece of advice I could give if you become lost is to recognize the urge to accelerate your actions and resist negative thoughts about the consequences of being lost.  Slow down or stop, and do whatever it takes to quit thinking about the problem for a long moment.  Take a timeout.  …clear rational thinking is vital to staying found.”

I do not have the best sense of direction for literal orienteering.  But I have developed a God-sense of direction since my episode of being lost spiritually…which is far more scary and potentially destructive.

Can I share with you that the Holy Spirit helping us understand the Word of God found in the Bible is the best compass ever!  Why not “Stop right where you are!  Look for the old, godly way, and walk in it.  Travel its path, and you will find rest for your souls.  ..(Jeremiah 6:16)

There is no better plan if you are confused, don’t know which way to turn or totally lost than to ask this of God “Direct my footsteps according to Your Word.”  (Ps. 119:133a)  For Heaven’s Sake, stay found!!!!


Phyllis Dickinson

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