The Friday Fox…


We were around mile seventeen of a twenty-four mile bike ride. It was in the ‘remote’ area where we often see wildlife in more abundance. My husband gasped and said, “Look at that! Wow!” Up ahead about forty feet from us was a gray fox who was trotting slowly from left to right at an angle across the pathway. On either side of the pathway is bushy thicket and he was headed for the other side. It was a stunning moment for me as I clearly saw a gray fox and I clearly saw God in the moment.

We have only seen one other fox, a small red fox -years ago now, since riding the Madison County Trails for over nine years. I had prayed just six miles earlier a heart-felt cry to God. I told Him that I was very confused about the decisions that my spouse and I were trying to make about the future. We have gone back and forth and sideways about something for months and months now. And I thought I heard God say in my spirit “wait” after I asked Him what we should do.

I trust God and I love Him. I told Him that at that moment in my prayer. I also said to Him, “I am not trying to test You, God, but if I truly heard from You to ‘wait’, if I see a fox today I will know that Word was from You.” So you can imagine how ‘stunned’ I was to hear my spouse saying to look up and look ahead at what was a fox! Since I had prayed my prayer in the silence of my heart, after I shared with my husband, he got goosebumps. He shared with glee that he would agree with God that we should just stop any action on our part and ‘wait’ on God for His action.

Two people had written to me lately using the same verse from Colossians 1:9
“For this reason we also, from the day we heard of it, have not ceased to pray and make special request for you, asking that you may be filled with the full, deep and clear knowledge of His Will in spiritual wisdom and in understanding and discernment…”

The Friday Fox of faith chased away the ‘fraidy cat of fear! God be praised!

Phyllis Dickinson
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