My name is Phyllis and my name means green bough.  I have been known by a few nicknames such as Filas, Philly, Phylerup, Phyldog, and Chlorophyll.  Most people on this planet have no reason to know who I am.  But there is A Name that is well-known. I want to focus on This Name for it is everything to this little-known gal from the Midwest.

God.  His Name is amazing.  His attributes are many and astounding.  His Name is power and strength and might and help and, well, everything that anyone would ever, ever need.  The Psalmist invites us to “Magnify the Lord with him and exalt His Name together.”  (Psalm 34:3)

I also invited my Sunday Small Group to engage in an exercise of exalting the Lord through  what I call ‘alphabet praise’.  We went through the twenty-six letters of the English Alphabet and  listed names and attributes of God that have been significant to us in our lives.  And though we came up with hundreds of names and helps of God, I list only twenty-six.

A = Anchor

B = Bread of Life

C = Consolation

D = Deliverer

E = Encircling One

F = Friend

G = Gift

H = Healer

I =  Intercessor

J = Joy

K = Keeper

L = Love

M = Maker

N = Necessary

O = Overall

P = Purchaser

Q = Quieting

R = Revealer

S = Shield

T = Teacher

U = Unfailing

V = Vindicator

W = Word

X = Exalter

Y = Yoke

Z = Zealous

If you cannot sleep.  If you are troubled.  If you want to just fill your time gap in worthwhile spiritual exercise, why not “Give thanks to God, give thanks for His Name is near”? (Ps. 75:1)  It might just be the opening you need to find out more about God  and His Significant Name.


Phyllis Dickinson

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