From Our Window…


The red of the newly-planted Scarlet Oak, the variegated green-orange-red of the Chinese Maple and the blazing orange of the Sugar Maple leaves can be seen out our parsonage front-facing windows.  How we love the brilliance of the fall color.  But as the cooler temperatures take over and the winds blow, we have seen the leaves coming down and turning to brown and crunching underfoot.  The rotational, seasonal cycle is happening this very day.  It is moving us closer to that National Holiday of Thanksgiving.

We always have choice.  We can complain and have pain.  Or we can thank and fill our tank.  Our heart is hugely affected by our choices.  God ordains praise and Thanksgiving.  But not one, single place in His Word does He anoint and accept complaints as part of His Plan.

“In everything give thanks for this is  the Will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (I Thess. 5:18) If you pray the Lord’s Prayer where we say, “May Thy Kingdom come, may Thy Will be done”…guess how that happens?  It is up to you and me to choose to do what God says.  And you know what the result will be?  YOU WILL BE HAPPY THAT YOU CHOSE TO GIVE THANKS to The One we can never thank enough.

Happy, Holy, Hopeful Thanksgiving to you,

Ron and Phyllis


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