Fun Christianity


The news and media always shows the more serious side of Christianity, and not always in a positive light. They also have a tendency to show a more extreme Christianity and every now and then an uplifting story makes it in.  If your exposure to Christianity was from a strictly media view, you would think that Christians are sticks in the mud and ready to force you to their view.

So often the Love is left out of the media’s representation of Christianity, but even more so you miss the fun. Sometimes the best way to minister is through laughter and smiles. I’ve seen this in recent months in our church.  The response to the tailgate party for the first high school home game was amazing, and there was no brow beating or agendas, just sharing God’s love with the community.  Hamburgers, music, a bouncy house, and Christians with love in their heart is what the community met that day.


Then you had the fall festival where the church came together to once again have fun and share their faith. The response was amazing and families that don’t attend our church arrived and left with smiles and love in their hearts.  God’s love was shared with a smile and cheerful heart leaving an impression on those that attended.

Then the youth had an event for their groups and encouraged the youth to bring friends. It was a grand messy event leaving the family life center in layers of goop, but I heard the young adults talking as I arrived about the event, laughing, joking, and having fun. In fact when I arrived, the young adults were out being hosed down from the antics. I joking made the comment to a few people that instead of a car wash they were having a kid wash.  The hearts they touched with that fun ministry and the love that was left with them will stay with them well beyond the mess.


How you reach people is through understanding, caring, love, and most definitely laughter. When people leave with a smile in their heart they are sure to remember that feeling for a long time. That is God’s message working within these beautiful walls. When people are able to leave with a smile or with a feeling a hope in their hearts, we have done our job of representing Christ in my opinion.  That is what I see in our church – the ability to accept, love, adapt, and care.
When you think of the beautiful messages coming from the people within the church from its leaders and staff to the beautiful members, you realize what an amazing place this really is. People helping the homeless, caring for children, praying for others, and sharing the beautiful laughter, love, and hope of Christ with others is what it is about. To give of ourselves to make others better, that is our truest calling. That seed of hope, laughter, or love grows from the moment it is planted and you never know where it will go from there.


Christ said the greatest commandment was Love. I truly believe that and I see it within the walls of our church.  Thank you for being such beautiful people and representing Christ in such an amazing way.

A great president once said “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.  I think if we asked not what Christ can do for us, but what we can do for Him that might change things. When we remember to have Faith in his way, Hope that things will be better, and Love for ALL our brothers and sisters, we can change the world.

With kindness,

Tyrone Castle


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