Reconnecting With The One You Love

A wedding was celebrated at the church last week, and seeing the planning and preparations caused me to think about my own wedding day.  Mark and I have been married for 15 years.  On one hand it seems like yesterday that we said, “I do,” and on the other hand, I can’t remember life without him.  As we were planning for our special day, trying to dot all the ‘i’s and cross all the ‘t’s, many friends told us to expect the unexpected, that no ceremony goes completely without a glitch.  Our wedding turned out to be the norm.  At the end of the service the pastor forgot to pronounce us husband and wife.  I assume we’re still married;  I hope so!

Over the years, I’ve found that our marriage is a lot like the ceremony itself.  We plan and prepare, but the unexpected happens, and sometimes we have to go with the flow.  I assume the same hold true for other couples as well.

Unfortunately, “going with the flow” can be very distracting.  Couples are pulled from all directions by work, finances, kids, schedules, family…you name it.  It’s important to take time to recollect and reconnect. Stronger marriages, make for stronger families!

That’s why the Family Ministries team at OFFUMC would like to give couples the gift of time…time reserved on the calendar, time that doesn’t take additional planning or money, time where the kids are cared for, time for you, as a couple. We’ll provide a Date Pack of fun ideas and conversation starters for your night out.  Nothing heavy, we promise.

Whether you’ve been married a year or 50 years, please consider participating.  Hopefully, at the end of the evening, unlike the pastor at our wedding, you’ll remember who the lucky couple is, remember what you like about the person across the table, and remember that you’re in this crazy life together.



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