Scarlet Oak…


I bought a Scarlet Oak tree in early fall.  It was only about eighteen inches tall and all its leaves were green.  I dug a hole for it.  I planted it.  I watered it faithfully.  I supported it with string and stake, redoing it once already.  It has grown.  Even in two months time, it is nearly three feet tall.  Gradually the leaves changed from green to the scarlet promised in the name.  It is gorgeous and it is going to be so tall and strong one day.  I planted it where I can see it on our front lawn.  I walk by it every time I go to the church which is next door to our parsonage.  I feel connected to this particular tree of all the trees on the property because I have invested into it.

I did not intend for it to be symbolic.  But…it has become to me a symbol of healing and growth in my own life.  For many, many years I fell victim to what seemed an effort to overwhelm and crush my spirit by others.

But the Tender Gardener showed me that He intended better and more for me.  He brought me The Good News and told me that He was for anyone in my condition of affliction. He told me He wanted to heal me and set me free.  He told me His job was vengeance, not mine.  He told me He would show me favor.  He told me that I could get a happy spirit in exchange for my broken, downhearted one.   He intended that I should be “an oak of righteousness (lofty strong, and magnificent, distinguished for uprightness, justice, and right standing with God), the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.”  (Read the powerful Chapter 61 of Isaiah which is only eleven verses long.)

God invested in me.  I feel so connected to Him.


Phyllis Dickinson

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