Rev. Roy Crawford…



Rev. Roy Crawford was my pastor in Chicago during my still-impressionable years from age ten to seventeen.  He and his wife have made an indelible imprint on my heart.  On my life.  They set powerful and practical examples for a couple in ministry living in a parsonage.  Time would not allow me to share even a fraction of the help they have been to me.


I recently was blessed to attend a ‘farewell’ for Rev. Crawford prior to his recent move from Illinois back to his home state of Ohio.  I was double blessed because he was asked to give a ‘word’ to the crowd in attendance.


I share his godly wisdom for life with you:


  • Keep God’s Word at the core of life – read, study, memorize and live it.
  • Be an authentic Christian.
  • Get involved in life and community that reflect your values.
  • Live with eternity in view keeping a loose hold on things of this life.
  • Live in anticipation of Jesus’ return and what still lies before us.
  • Be God-driven in the things we stand for by way of morality and purity.
  • Love God. Support His servants.
  • Walk in Obedience to God.


Rev. Crawford’s wife died three years ago.  He himself has Parkinson’s.  He is downsizing and moving when he would rather have life stay as it is.  However, he is living the faith he believes and God is blessing his life for it.


I still have so much to learn from him.


Phyllis Dickinson

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