Away in a Manger


Amazing things are happening down in our little preschool classrooms. On the outside, it may seem that we spend our days playing, singing, cutting (or attempting to) and taking countless trips to the restroom. However, inside those walls, special things are happening.

Every child is learning to love one another, love themselves for who they are and to love God. Christmas is indeed magic when you are a 4- year-old, but I have learned that Christmas is magic for the 4-year-olds’ teacher as well. It is one thing to hear the Christmas Story, but an entirely different thing to teach it. The 4-year-old child runs on pure emotion, and this story is full of emotion.

I get to feel and remember, along with my little ones, what a surprise it must have been for Mary when the angel came to tell her she was going to have a baby. Together we feel the injustice at learning that this precious mother with child had to travel a long, hard journey on a donkey only to find no room for them to stay in Bethlehem.

We feel impressed that Mary and Joseph somehow managed to make a safe crib for the baby to sleep, and we feel immense joy to learn that the baby was born. We share the warmth and love with so many others that came that night. I see the meaning of Christmas transform from Santa and his reindeer to Jesus and his love. I feel blessed and grateful that I get to answer important questions such as “Why is Jesus special?”, “Where is Jesus now?”, and “Does Jesus love me too?”. My own heart grows in strength, right along with theirs, as God helps me answer these big questions and know that I have the best job in the world.


Kristen Hiam

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