Practical Giver


I confess, I did it.  In a moment of parenting weakness, I purchased a gift for my daughter that I promised I wouldn’t.  The animatronic, talking bird toy has been on my 9 year-old’s wish list for months, and against my better judgement, it arrived yesterday via an Amazon box.

Ordinarily, I love giving my daughters presents.  I adore the sparkle in their eyes when they open a surprise. It’s the promise of that sparkle that made me the owner of a plastic talking bird.  The only problem is that years of mommy experience have taught me the love for the bird is going to be short-lived.  It’s one of those toys that will be exciting for the first day or two but will fade fast.  As soon as the batteries run down or it doesn’t quite cooperate with my daughter’s commands, the bird will be collecting dust next to the stuffed animal from the zoo I was talked into.

You see, I’m more of a practical gift giver.  Things like socks and bed sheets that bring daily benefit seem much more exciting to me.  One Christmas my husband bought me a labeler, and he has seldom looked more romantic in my eyes.  (Sad, I know.)

Fortunately, for all of us, God is a better gift-giver than I could ever be.  He covers all the bases.  The true gift of Christmas, Jesus’s coming to Earth as a baby, is both surprising and practical.

I’m repeatedly astonished that the Savior of the world was born as a fragile, innocent baby, the humble child of a carpenter, in a lowly manger. It takes my breath away to know the Creator of our universe, came into this world for us.  That’s an amazement that can’t be found in a box.

Likewise, the joy of knowing Christ is a gift that will last a lifetime and beyond.  On good days and bad, in youth and in adulthood, through all the seasons of life, I can depend on Christ to be with me.  Even into eternity, the gift of salvation will welcome me into God’s presence.  Now, that’s practical.

So, no matter what presents you put under the Christmas tree, I pray you’ll take some time this Christmas to introduce your kids to a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Knowing Him is a gift that keeps on giving, and one that will put a sparkle in their eye that can’t be reproduced.

Merry Christmas!



P.S.  The church staff and I are here to help your family along this journey of faith however we can.  Please feel free to contact me at  You may also want to access some of the resources located on the “Parent” tab of the church website.

One thought on “Practical Giver

  1. Linda kahley says:

    Well said, Stacy! Merry Christmas to you as well. I’m wondering if years ago, the greeting would have been stated as, “Holy Christmas to you” rather than “merry”. Would that slight change in semantics have helped us generations later to focus on the true meaning?


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