God Is Near



I was chatting with a gal who works the front desk at our local YMCA.  She was sharing how she is beginning to feel frantic about the holiday season.  She and her family are going to be traveling to Florida for Christmas and she still has soooo much to do.  And soooo little time.  Most of us can relate.  I know I can.


I asked her if she knew what Emmanuel means.  She did not know.  But she wrote it down!!   I said that it is a Name of Jesus.  It means “God with us”.  It means that God is near to us.  It means that we do not have to be afraid of a great distance between ourselves and our Creator.


I suggested that she invite Jesus into her holiday.  I suggested she take Jesus shopping with her and share all her struggles with Him.  I suggested that she pray over her day each day before she gets ‘wrapped around the axles’ of the anxiety-driven car of her mind and heart.


I am willing to pray for anyone I see who struggles this season.  I am praying that the God Who is near us will be within us.  All of us.  I pray for everyone I see to sense how much God loves them and how much He longs to be Emmanuel to them.


“Behold, the virgin shall become pregnant and give birth to a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel-which, when translated, means, God With Us.”

(Matthew 1:23 Amplified)


Whenever you are sensing that you feel alone, speak the truth to yourself:  “I am not alone.  God-Emmanuel is with me”.

Merry Christmas,

Phyllis Dickinson


2 thoughts on “God Is Near

  1. Michelle Englund says:

    Thanks Phyllis! With Kaylee’s surgery today I am feeling frantic to get it all done! I needed to hear this and literally take it to heart! Sharing His Love Michelle


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