February & Family

Phyllis has a February Birthday. So for the past few years we, as a family, have gotten together in February to celebrate her. And…we have gotten into another February tradition of celebrating Christmas with Phyllis’ side of the family. Typically we are gathered somewhere in Cook County Illinois for these two events.

We know that ‘typical’ hardly describes what family structures are today, but we think of ourselves as a somewhat non-exceptional group of people. We are united by love. We are hugely diverse. But we are joined together by God.

Even though we each bring our uniqueness to the family table, not one of us is the center of our family universe. We each are equal and important as God heads up our home. We do not have to like, understand or agree with one another to show the love, honor and respectful regard that God desires from each of us toward each other.

With Valentine’s Day mid-month, love is a really good and godly focus.
“Love one another with brotherly affection (as members of one family), giving preference and showing honor to one another.” (Romans 12:10 AMP)

Since God is Our Father, He does not like when we dis any of the children in His Family. Something to think about with your family and all of God’s Children!

Happy Valentine’s Day,
Ron and Phyllis


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