excited (1)

Excited?… Do you see that the word exit exists in the word excited?  We are about to exit a church we have served for ten years and a denomination we have served for forty years.  We are moving away from a town/area we have learned to enjoy and partake of its many offerings.  Moving.  It is a lot of emotional and physical work.  So I was surprised at how often one word keeps popping up in conversations and questions people ask us.

 That one word that I am somehow surprised about is the word excited.  Generally when we know that we are moving from a church/parsonage, the last word I would put with parting from a congregation/town is “excited”.  But now that we are “retiring” all kinds of people ask me “So are you excited?”  About the house we bought.  About the future of no schedule such as we have known.  About being able to travel and pick and choose what we will do daily.  About being closer to our sons and their wives and our grandson.


So I am asking myself, “Am I excited?”  The answer every time in the past has been a clear ‘no, I am not excited about moving’.  But now I want to examine where my heart is on this move into retirement.  I have grown more in love with God.  I trust His Sovereignty completely.  I know that He is faithful to His Word.  I know that He has told me “I am not shrinking your world, I am enlarging it”. So I am asking God to help me be excited about this upcoming chapter of our lives.


“Remember that I commanded you to be strong and brave.  Don’t be afraid, because the Lord Your God will be with you everywhere you go.”  (Joshua 1:9)  God is going with us on this move!  How exciting an exit is that?


Phyllis Dickinson


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