Never Fail Fudge…



It was a recipe guaranteed to turn out right.  But it did not.  The teacher of this day of foods’ classes said that we would be making a successful and delicious recipe, “Never Fail Fudge”.  Of all the classes all day long, our group’s, and only our group’s, recipe failed.  I don’t remember if it was too hard, too runny, too tasteless…but I remember the disappointment at being the only group to have ‘failed’ at making the never-fail recipe.


We have all known what it is like to have failed at something.  And we also know what it is like to have someone or something fail us.  It is inevitable as fallible, human beings who live in a broken and fallen and failing world.  We encounter failure at various times and places throughout our stay on earth.


The Good News is this:  “Jesus Never Fails”.  I remember seeing a plaque daily in our apartment as I grew up with those three words on it.  It would take me decades of living and failing and others failing me to recognize the wonder and truth of those simple words.


Unfailing = unflagging, infallible, completely dependable, certain, constant, unchanging, not falling short of expectation…and more.  Put that into your thinking as you read this verse from Psalm 119:7: “May Your unfailing love be my comfort, according to Your promise to Your servant.”


There are so very many verses with the duet of beautiful, calming words unfailing love in the Bible.  I bought a vintage cardboard hanging in navy and silver that reads “Jesus Never Fails” for I do not want to forget that Jesus has Never-fail Love recipe for my life in Him.


Phyllis Dickinson

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