Carry Me



I heard those words when my children were young.  You do not have to be a mom or dad to have had a young child either ask or need to be carried.  How wonderful to have someone else “support and move” a body from one place to another.  It looks enviable when one is tired…no work, just leaning on someone else while they do all the carrying of the load.


I just finished reading the book To Heaven and Back by Dr. Mary C. Neal, an orthopedic surgeon.  In her dramatic, true-life story of dying in a kayaking accident she shares about this very thing of being carried.


After being pinned in her boat and trying to escape her boat and circumstances, which she could not do, this is what she says:  “I did not demand rescue.  I knew that He loved me and had a plan for me.  I asked only that His will be done.  At the very moment I turned to Him, I was overcome with an absolute feeling of calm, peace, and of the very physical sensation of being held in someone’s arms while being stroked and comforted.  I felt like I imagine a baby must feel when being lovingly caressed and rocked in his mother’s bosom.  I also experienced an absolute certainty that everything would be okay, regardless of the outcome.”


Maybe you are an adult and recognize that no one can actually carry you…unless, of course, you, like the Psalmist, go to Father and ask Him!  Because here is the absolute truth:  “…For each day He (God) carries us in His arms.”  (Psalms 68:19 NLT)


There are days when all I can say is:  “Daddy, carry me.”  And at that ‘very moment I turn to Him,” He does!


Phyllis Dickinson


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