Well, where is home exactly?  Right now I am living in the land ‘in-between’ houses.  We currently live in a parsonage that we have fixed up and enjoyed for a decade.  Every nook and cranny has had a touch of our style.  We enjoy home for it is a shelter from the outside frenzy of the world.  We feel comfortable and safe inside the walls of our home.


Now that we have decided to retire, we bought a house in another town.  We have met with numerous work-related people who are helping us to make our own imprint on this house which we will move into in a few months.  We ourselves have spent hours and hours painting and purging, packing and purchasing – all the jobs that come with a move.  The empty spaces echo and the mess from work people makes it feel uneasy.  Unhomey.  But the more I subtract from our current house, the less it ‘feels’ like ‘home’.  And conversely, the more I bring to our next house, the more it is beginning to feel like ‘home’.


In the long run, it is not about the house or the ‘stuff’ in the house.  It is about the sense of security, safety, comfort, and shelter.  And these are not found in any building.  “In Him, we live and move and have our being.”   Acts 17:28


I would do well to remember my security is in God.   In this world.  And in my future HOME in heaven.


Phyllis Dickinson


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