Timeless Timer…


George Vineyard pulled me aside at church this past Sunday.  He said, “Remember when we talked about your group praying for my house to sell?”  I had previously told him that among all our prayers these many years, we have prayed for lots of houses to sell -and they all sold.  We would be praying for his house to sell.  He and his family moved to the Metro East Area from Carbondale, Il.  They wanted their house in southern Illinois to sell.  That initial conversation was over two years ago.


He continued talking, “Well, ours (the prayer for sale of house) was one of the failures.  It took two and a half years!”  “Tell me about it,” I said.  He proceeded to tell me how much they had loved their last home and prayed that it might be purchased by someone who loved it as much as they had.  He also said that they wanted the sale to be such that the new owner would be helped somehow by the house purchase.


The short of the story is this:  they are now selling their home to a person who LOVES their former home.  And…since this new owner is now divorced he gets part time custody of the children who were used to having a pool.  The Vineyards house has a pool in the backyard.  As we spoke, it dawned on George, “Hey, I guess God did answer my two prayers.  It took two and a half years for everything to line up.  The new owner loves the house and is encouraged that there is a pool for his children.”


I ended the conversation by saying “Your house selling?  It is totally a success story!!!


“This is My doing.”  -God in I Kings 12:24


We all need to review the sovereignty of God and His Timing.


Phyllis Dickinson

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