“Will You Marry Me?”



You expect that those in love would come to this very question.  Once.  Love is sung and touted as a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of thing.  However, there are a lot of broken promises and broken marriages out there.  I think deep down we yearn for a love that is promise-secure and know that the best kind of love is for keeps.


The guy in a couple who attend our church asks his wife, so she told me, every week, “Will you marry me?”  And I said, “Oh, my, how romantic is that?!”  She loves hearing it.  They are happy in love after many, many years-despite many on-going challenges.


I played love songs on the piano as background music today for a couple who chose to renew their marriage vows after a decade.  They initially wed in a hospital room of the groom’s dying father.  It was so crucial to their lives that they include his dad for their wedding ceremony that within two hours on a Sunday afternoon they pulled everything together ten years ago so that it could happen.  My husband resting at home after a long Sunday, was the surprised officiant!


Today.  Ten years and two children later they radiate love and joy and respect for each other.  They work at the marriage.  They work at the mundane as a team as well as the spectacular.  They intend to stay in love even though they confess that the marriage ‘dream’ and reality have not matched.  But because of their loving determination and commitment to the Lover of their souls, they are more deeply in love … a love they say they could not have predicted…after going through all the highs and lows that a ten-year-old marriage offers.


God is love.  He is the source of true, lasting love.  “Our love for Him comes as a result of His loving us first.”  John 4:19  So Jesus, as the bridegroom, asks “Will you marry me?  Forever?”


What do you answer to His romantic heart?


Phyllis Dickinson

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