Ordinary Treasures


In the Robinson house, Mother’s Day means cinnamon rolls and snuggles, homemade cards and a morning in church together. Though not typically not an elaborate event, one Mother’s Day a few years ago, I received a very special gift.

That day, my then five year old proudly produced a present she had wrapped and hidden in her room. Her face was beaming with pride as I unwrapped it. Inside the gift box, laid of a bed of tissue paper, I was shocked to find a diamond cross pendant. My diamond cross pendant. Strung on a pipe cleaner.

The love in her eyes made it easy not to ask questions like, “How did you find my necklace!!??” and to instead twist the pipe cleaner on around my neck. She was so delighted to give me such a treasure.

What my daughter didn’t realize is that motherhood is accompanied by daily treasures…everyday things like pipe cleaners…or chicken nugget lunches, or playdates at the park, or bedtime stories…that are made significant, not by diamond pendants, but by the love that accompanies them. I believe the ordinary things make life extra-ordinary!

Luke 2:19 is my favorite Bible verse. It’s a short simple statement in the midst of the Christmas story that tells Mary’s sentiment about the birth of her son.

Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. (Luke 2:19)

What great advice the mother of our Lord has for us. She cherished her time with her family, and she kept her memories close to her heart. This Mother’s Day, whether you’re a mother or not, I wish you the same. Ordinary times with family and friends, made glorious with love.


Stacy Robinson

Children’s and Family Coordinator

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