Learning to Walk His Way

If you weren’t around OFFUMC during “Walk this Way” Vacation Bible School, you missed a fun-filled, faith-filled week where kids followed the footsteps of the Apostle Paul to walk with Jesus.  If you’d like to know more about the hearts that were changed and the relationships that were built, find a VBS volunteer and ask about their experience.  Here’s what to look for:

How to Spot an OFFUMC VBS Volunteer

vbs register

The Green T-shirt:  During the week of June 6-10, 70+ youth and adult volunteers donned a “Walk this Way” T and answered Jesus’ call to minister to the children of O’Fallon.  You won’t have to search long to find someone that was involved.

painting vbs

The Residual Paint:  Volunteers shared Jesus’ story in a variety of creative ways.  Whether it was painting feet or stamping hands, volunteers weren’t afraid to get a little messy to illustrate Bible truths.

vbs relay

The Sore Muscles:  Playing duck-duck-goose, running relays, and dancing all day can be tough on the body but good for the spirit.  VBS Volunteers brought new meaning to “actively” sharing their faith.

vbs singing

The Singing:  If you hear some humming in the halls of OFFUMC, it might be one of our VBS volunteers remembering the great music that accompanied the curriculum.  The church’s Contemporary Worship Praise Team led worship for the elementary school students each morning and had everyone singing praises to the Lord.

vbs shoes

The Bare Feet:  The Shoeman Water Project was the mission focus of this year’s Bible School.  Each day kids put themselves in the shoes of a child in an impoverished country to learn what hardships they face in acquiring clean water.  With hearts of compassion, VBS goers collected shoes that will be sold to raise money to build wells in underdeveloped areas.  On Friday, kids and volunteers “walked out of their shoes,” left them at the altar as an offering to the Lord, and exited the church barefoot.

vbs volunteers

The Smile:  Volunteering time and energy to show Christ’s love to 160 community children can be tiring.  When trying to spot a volunteer, however, don’t look for tired eyes.  The huge smiles on their faces outshine any exhaustion!


Stacy Robinson
Children & Family Coordinator

stacy bubbles2


One thought on “Learning to Walk His Way

  1. linda says:

    I love the work you do with the kids.. especially the walk out of your shoes. I’ve been wanting the congregation to do that for several years.


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