Christian Resolve in Sports

“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.” 1 Chronicles 16:8

First off let’s start with a very important detail from our men’s softball league this year, every man who started the season, finished the season with all muscles still attached in the right places.  That is something in itself to be proud of this season.  On a more serious note, our O’Fallon First United Methodist men’s softball season wrapped up this past week at the O’Fallon Sports Park.  While the season didn’t produce the outcome conducive to those of us with that winning desire, all was not lost.  Each week we fielded a team of men that bring something to the table athletically, but more importantly, they bring their strong Christian values, and it was never more apparent than it was on Tuesday nights this summer.

When faced with adversity in sports, you can tell quite a bit about the resolve of a man.  In that environment it is easy to get carried away and say or do things un-Christian like.  The competitive juices still flow through our team members, and the members of the opposing teams, sometimes that produces opportunities to succumb to levels unbecoming of good Christian men.  If you watch any professional sport on TV or in person, you know what I am talking about, situations present themselves in the heat of the battle that can lead people to do things, and say things, that require reflection and even times repentance.  Men’s church league softball is no exception.  Those same opportunities presented themselves weekly to both our team and other teams, and I am here to say, our team handled those situations in a manner that should make our congregation, and our Savior, proud.

While we can’t control the actions of our opponents, we can focus on what quality men we put out on that field each week.  Men who represented our church with dignity and grace.  Men who handled themselves in a manner that young children can look up to and be proud to call them dad or uncle or brother.  The men who represented OFFUMC this year on the softball field formed a bond not only amongst themselves, but with Christ.  They proved time and again how great it is to be a member of our church community.  Be proud of the work that is done within the walls of our house of worship, because the work being done here, is being lived outside in many ways.  Thank you for letting us represent you in our community each week on the softball field, and praise Him for being with us throughout the season.


In His name,

Daniel Cox

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