Kitty Hawk Youth Mission Trip 2016


A weeks ago, the youth went on a mission trip to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

We did so many things that helped other people and the whole time, we were serving God.  We left on June 17th at 10:00 pm.  We arrived in Kitty Hawk on June 18th in the afternoon.

The next day, we went to church.  We got to meet the Kitty Hawk Youth and have breakfast with them.  Then we had a wonderful service that made us ready to do work the next day.  That afternoon, we had a fun time at the beach.

On Monday, we split into groups and did different jobs.  The jobs were painting, book organizing, helping in the office, gardening, and helping out at the parsonage.  That night we went to a contemporary service and Brad gave a great sermon.

On Tuesday, we went around Kitty Hawk to do mission work.  In the morning we went to an animal shelter and in the afternoon we went to a thrift store with a safe house in the back.  At the animal shelter, we made pet toys, helped with cat litter boxes, and helped get dog kennels cleaned.  At the thrift store, we helped at the safe house which is where people go if they are in need of help and aren’t in a safe situation.  They can stay there until things get better for them.  We painted, cleaned, and did yard work.

On Wednesday, the boys and the girls split up.  The boys went to Dare Challenge and the girls went to the food pantry.  Dare challenge is a place for men to stay if they are addicted to alcohol or drugs.  There were a lot of decks there that needed to be stained.  We stained all of them.  I wasn’t with the girls but I know that they did a lot of hard work at the pantry.  We went to a David Crowder concert in the evening.  He is a christian singer.  The concert was outstanding!

On Thursday, half of us went to a thrift store and the other half stayed at the church and helped out there.  At the thrift store, we vacuumed, rearranged clothes, and organized things for customers to buy.  At the church, they made water bottles with labels on them with bible verses.  We had a few hours of free time at the church, then we went to the beach and handed out the water bottles to anyone we ran into.  We walked around on the sand dunes after that.  On Thursday night, we went out to eat at a fun seafood place that had corn hole toss games and we got to relax and enjoy the end of our trip.

On Friday, we had our fun day.  we started off the day by sleeping in, then we met the Kitty Hawk Youth at the beach.  We stayed at the beach for a few hours then we went to Kitty Hawk Water Sports where there was bumper boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, and banana boating.  We then went back to our house for a pool party.  After the pool party, we said our goodbyes to the Kitty Hawk Youth.

On Saturday June 25th, we drove back all day.  What I will always remember about the mission trip is how much we helped out in Kitty Hawk, not just at the church, but all over the community.  They want us to come back because of how much we helped out.  I saw God in almost every moment on the trip.  We should continue to go on mission trips in the future because it is amazing to help out and do work for God

God Bless,

Hayden Glover.

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