“Whyyyyy do I haaaave to go to school?”


This is a popular question at the Robinson house especially as the end of summer is fast approaching. I usually answer, “because I said so,” but every once in a while, my husband will chime in with the extended response. “You have a lot to learn! There are facts, skills and experiences that are necessary for success later in life. You need to be able to follow directions, cooperate, work in a group, problem solve, etc., etc. etc., so you can grow-up to be a well-adjusted, productive member of society.” Then, I change the subject because secretly I wish summer was longer, too.

Regardless, we all know why our kids are in school, but, have you ever thought about why your family is (or isn’t) involved in a church community? What is the end goal?

Personally speaking, in a few years when my kids leave home, I pray they will have a relationship with God to carry them through hard times; that they will have an every day faith guiding their decisions; that they will experience the peace and joy only God can bring; and that one day, they will be called home to an eternal life with their Creator.

If you’ve landed at OFFUMC (or maybe just in this newsletter) with similar desires for your kids, know that God’s gift of salvation is given to all who will accept. But just as kids get more benefit from school when they give their best effort, so God multiplies our blessings when we intentionally pursue a relationship with Him. Growing with God takes time and repetition; There are truths to learn and skills to practice. It might involve some hard work and some home work. The process can be challenging, especially when we, as parents feel unprepared or ill-equipped, so the support and encouragement of a Christian community can make a huge difference. If OFFUMC can be that community for you, please contact one of our staff. We would love to walk alongside your family in their journey of faith.


Stacy Robinson

Children & Family Coordinator


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