More than a 5k Run


I was inspired by Matthew West’s top hit song “Do Something” and a trip to Lessie Bates Davis Neighborhood House (LBDNH) one beautiful afternoon in April. The day I went with the FUMC Mission committee, I quickly learned about all the different services LBDNH does to create a better quality of life for so many people of all ages in the East St. Louis area. They also explained to us the need for both volunteers and financial help. I was so impressed and amazed by the number of people from our congregation already involved with this organization on daily, weekly and monthly basis. I too wanted to help a neighboring community and organization that truly needs help and can make an immediate impact on people’s day to day lives. I left there with the urgent and overwhelming desire to “do something”.
I started thinking how could we as a church help this wonderful organization? With being in outside sales, I listen to the 99.1 Joy FM on the radio all the time in my car going from one doctors office to the next. The next day the radio station mentioned a 5k run coming up called Run to God and I thought, that could be it. We could have a 5k at our church but call it Running 4 God and all the proceeds would benefit LBDNH. I have ran a few 5k’s and thought I surely can organize one? God took over from that point on and everything starting falling into place and there was no turning back. God inspires us everyday to make a difference, it is if we want to listen and take action. He also gives us strengths and talents to use to help his kingdom.

As Matthew West’s song says,
Well, I couldn’t bear the thought of people living in poverty. So, I shook my fist at Heaven
Said, “God , why don’t you do something?”
He said, “I did, I created you”
Those words are so powerful to me!

Running 4 God 5k, four months after my first visit to LBDNH, turned into an awesome celebration of God’s amazing work. Over 200 people came together from our church and community in different ways to raise over $5000 to donate to LBDNH. I am just so thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a special and glorious day at our church.

Stephanie Michael

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