“Building a Team for Christ”


“Building a Team for Christ” was the theme for Friday night’s church tailgate. This event took place in our East parking lot prior to the OTHS homecoming varsity football game.

This was the second annual tailgate hosted by the Wednesday night Methodist Men’s Group, which is 11 members strong. Our group provided hamburgers, hotdogs, cheeseburgers, chips, cookies, and water for all that attended. Many members of our youth group used social media to advertise the event, as a result we had dozens of Jr high students from multiple schools in attendance. Many O’Fallon Little Panther football players, coaches, and cheerleaders enjoyed the tailgate, as did many O’Fallon community members.

As mentioned, the theme of the event was “Building a Team for Christ” and the scripture of Matthew 18 verse 20 which says “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Thankfully, we had several hundred people gather to see Jesus working!

Many members of the church family pitched in and helped, whether it was prepping/wrapping sandwiches, face painting, helping gather trash, or with set up and teardown of table and chairs. The event was a huge success, we served about 400 sandwiches in total and even made restocking runs to the grocery store during the event to meet the demand.

As a result of this event, our church was able to build an even bigger team for Christ!!! GREAT JOB First United Methodist Church Family.

Matt Cornell

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