Intergenerational Ministry


I love this picture.  Its not the most clear photo, and if you take a second look at it you might be confused as to who the subjects are, but the sentiments behind this pic are what make it so sweet.  You see, this is SnapChat face swap of my 13 year old daughter and her confirmation mentor, Joan Bowman.  The duo took a selfie together during one of their many meetings  this spring during which Joan taught Sophie the history of the seven churches in Revelation and Sophie taught Joan about the latest social media.  Sharing a love of Taylor Swift and a passion for Christ, these two built a beautiful friendship that transcends age.

Sophie and Joan exemplify an intergenerational relationship.  They have shown me how enriching it is to have friends outside your own age group and have caused me to think about the role of  here at OFFUMC.  It is my prayer that the young and old of this church can learn to respect, appreciate, and enjoy one another.

This past Friday, September 30, generational lines were again crossed, as 28 PreK students joined 50+ Prime Timers at a Lunch & Learn event.  Together the new friends talked, laughed, and created apple mosaics.  Long-time church member and employee of the Colonnade Senior Living Center, Kerry Turk, spoke of the benefits of cross-generational contact.

Young and old alike enjoyed time with new friends, and we look forward to future endeavors together.

Stacy Robinson, Children and Family Coordinator

See pictures from the Primetimers Lunch with the preschool kids here.

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